Our Mission

Inspiring Digital Creativity for Hong Kong Students

CoolThink@JC strives to inspire students to apply digital creativity in their daily lives and prepare them to tackle future challenges in any fields. We believe that computational thinking can empower students to move beyond mere technology consumption and into problem-solving, creation and innovation.

Our 32 pilot schools will have educated 16,500 upper primary students on computational thinking by the end of this 4-year initiative. Through an extensive train the trainer programme, the initiative develops the teaching capacity of 100 local teachers and thus helping them to master the CoolThink@JC’s pedagogy.

Over time we hope to affect greater change by sharing our insights and curricular materials with policymakers and educators in Hong Kong.


Our Goals

Develop Evidence- based Instructions

The initiative’s co-creators – The Education University of Hong Kong and Massachusetts Institute of Technology – will tailor the teaching content and methods for Hong Kong students. An independent evaluator will conduct rigorous, evidence-based research to assess the student benefits throughout the initiative. The findings will not only be published in conferences and journals, but will also be used to promote computational thinking in Hong Kong.

Increase Teacher Capacity

Equally importantly, the initiative will train more than 100 teachers from the pilot schools as well as 10 social workers. The trained teachers will then form communities of practice to identify best practices and help us to continuously improve the initiative. In addition to building teacher capacity in the pilot schools, we will organise over 70 seminars and lectures for educators to share experience and practice. These seminars and lectures will aim to reach more than 6,000 educators.

Seek Community Support

We also recognise the importance of the parents’ role in the initiative’s success. The City University of Hong Kong, one of the initiative’s co-creators, will reach out to more than 2,000 parents to improve their understanding of CT and coding education. With the support of educators and members of the community, our hope is that all Hong Kong students will learn about and benefit from CT.

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