CoolThink@JC Commendation


Seeking to inspire digital creativity among students and nurture their proactive use of technologies for social good from a young age, CoolThink@JC is a computational thinking education initiative created and funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, and co-created by The Education University of Hong Kong, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and City University of Hong Kong. In collaboration with local educators and the world’s leading experts, CoolThink@JC empowers teachers with high-quality teaching materials, learning platform, and professional development programmes. The programme’s materials are adopted and adapted by the EDB in 2023, to enable primary school students to gain essential skills, knowledge and digital literacy.

Dedication from CoolThink teachers and schools are important to the implementation of computational thinking education. They have not only provided students with necessary knowledge, but also inspire their digital creativity and equip the young generation for the challenges in 21st Century. The CoolThink students also actively involved in CT lessons and activities, and apply themselves to social good. The CoolThink@JC Commendation Scheme aims at recognizing their contributions and striving for excellence in computational thinking education implementation, and awards students whom are passionate in computational thinking.

Important Dates 

Registration Starts21 March 2024 (Thursday)
Closing Date of Registration24 April 2024 (Wednesday)
Result Announcement23 May 2024 (Thursday)
Award Presentation Ceremony28 June 2024 (Friday)

Awards and Registration

The CoolThink@JC Commendation consists of Teacher Awards, School Awards and Student Awards. Entrants of Teacher Awards must fill the online registration form and upload relevant documents; registration is not required for School Awards. The awarded schools will be notified within May. The school must fill the online nomination form for the Student Awards and upload parents’ consent form. The awarded teachers, schools and students will be presented with certificates and trophies for encouragement.

Teacher Awards (Register Now)

CoolThink Fellow
*There is no need to re-apply if teachers have already received this award.
Recommended by school principal or supervisor of the school for which the teacher has worked/ currently works as leading the primary / secondary school’s implementation of CoolThink@JC programme. Passionate about computational thinking education, devoted to enhancing teaching and learning effectiveness as well as promoting computational thinking education inside and outside of school.

Entrant is required to submit the school recommendation as supporting document.
CoolThink Teacher
*There is no need to re-apply if teachers have already received this award.
Work in Hong Kong primary or secondary school, recommended by school principal or supervisor of the school for which the teacher works as teaching CoolThink@JC in at least one class in the school within the 23/24 school year. It is preferable that the teacher completed one of the following courses organized by the Education University of Hong Kong or Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Entrant is required to submit the school recommendation and course certificate (if any) as supporting document.

  • Teacher Development Course under the CoolThink@JC Programme (2 x 39-hour)
  • Understanding Computational Thinking Education and Scratch Programming under the CoolThink@JC programme (12-hour)
  • Certificate in Professional Development Programme on Coding Mobile Apps for Computational Thinking Development (5-week)
  • CoolThink Outstanding TAThe Entrant has served / is currently serving as a CoolThink Teaching Assistant. Possesses a strong enthusiasm for computational thinking education and is committed to improving teaching and learning effectiveness in CoolThink@JC workshops. Demonstrates the ability to develop and implement innovative computational thinking learning materials.

    School Awards (The awarded schools will be notified individually)

    Resource School
  • Being a resources hub, play the role to lead and assist other schools to implement computational thinking education
  • Open their CoolThink lessons to other schools and partners for study and observation
  • In collaboration with other network schools to implement and improve the computational thinking education
  • Sharing of good practices and experience with other schools
  • Network School
  • Allocate around 14 hours of class time to CoolThink@JC computational thinking education in all P.4 to P.6 classes in a school year
  • Arrange hardware and administrative support in campus to implement computational thinking education
  • Actively participate CoolThink@JC activities and assist in evaluation and study
  • Student Awards (Nominated by school)

    CoolThink High-flyer
    *(Each school can nominate up to 3 students)
  • P.4 – P.6 students of CoolThink@JC Cohort 1-6 network schools during 23/24 school year
  • Being passionate and proactive to help classmates to learn Computational Thinking
  • Being highly involved in learning Computational Thinking and devoted to create projects and Apps
  • Have positive transformation after learning Computational Thinking

    The school is required to submit the School Recommendation and Parent/Guardian Consent Form
    as supporting documents for the nominees.
  • Registration

    Teacher Awards:
    Eligible entrants are required to fill out the online registration form and upload relevant documents.
    *All entrants need to submit School Recommendation, please download:
    CoolThink@JC Commendation – Teacher Recommendation
    CoolThink@JC Commendation – Teacher Assistant Recommendation

    Press to register for the Teacher AwardsPress to register for the TA Awards

    School Awards:
    Registration is not required, the awarded schools will be notified individually.

    Student Awards:
    Eligible nominees are required to fill out the online nomination form and upload relevant documents by School.
    *The school needs to submit School Recommendation and Parent/Guardian Consent Form for the nominees, please download:
    CoolThink@JC Commendation – Student Recommendation
    CoolThink@JC Commendation – Parent/Guardian Consent Form

    Press to register for the Student Awards

    Assessment Criteria

    The assessment will be conducted by a panel of professionals from academic and education background.


    • Entrants are required to provide true and correct personal information.
    • All entrants will be assessed based on the information submitted during registration, additional information will not be accepted.
    • The decisions of the assessment panel on the results shall be final. Entrants shall raise no objection to the results.
    • CoolThink@JC Commendation may contact nominator or visit the school for further information without prior consent from participants.
    • CoolThink@JC reserves the rights to exhibit information or materials submitted by entrants.
    • Prior consent from concerned students should be obtained if any students’ works, photos or videos are referred in case sharing.
    • All entries must be real cases. Entry should not violate any laws of the HKSAR. The CoolThink@JC Commendation has the right to disqualify entries that are consider inappropriate.
    • The CoolThink@JC Commendation reserves the right of final decision.
    • If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chinese version, the Chinese version shall prevail.