What is CoolThink@JC?

In 2016, the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust found that global technology education trend and local policy readiness has cultivated a positive environment to further promote and refresh technology education.

Researches and experts have also suggested that primary 4 students (age 9 or 10) are physically, mentally and logically mature to start learning basic computational thinking concepts and practicing light-weighted visual-based programming tools to inspiring their digital creativity.

Computational Thinking is conceptualising, not programming. Coding is the ability to write programming language that provide step-by-step instructions to computers. Computational thinking is the thought process required to write good codes. It requires learners to think like computer scientists, who can demonstrate abilities such as logical thinking, problem solving, abstraction and disaggregate complex problems into smaller solvable parts.

An important design principle of the CoolThink@JC program is that it is not limited to programming instruction; instead, it is tuned to emphasize this broader definition of computational thinking.

CoolThink@JC – Computational Thinking Education Programme – empower students to become thinkers and creators of technology.

Read more Computational Thinking information on ISTEUNESCO, MIT, Harvard.

CoolThink@JC Model