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CoolThink learning materials – advanced units

CoolThink offers Level 1 (for P4) learning materials and teacher training course to all primary schools.

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Blended Teacher Training Course (MIT HK Innovation Node)

2 days (12 hours) of on-site teacher training, plus 16 hours of self-study, for primary school teachers, offered by MIT HK Innovation Node.

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School-based customised CT teaching materials for subject learning

Total 9 award-winning Scratch and App Inventor projects, designed and developed by CoolThink teachers. Include Scratch & App Inventor project source files, lesson plan and worksheet.

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Student self-directed learning animation

Total 3 levels of student self-directed learning video in animation format, developed by EdUHK. Teacher and student can use these as flipped classroom learning.

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CoolThink Classroom – Scratch learning video

Total 10 self-directed learning video for students, presented by CoolThink teachers.

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Student self-learning video

30-minute interactive student self-learning videos of “動腦動身 Zoom一鬆” online CT learning lessons.

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App Inventor CoolThink Step by Step Tutorial videos

Developed by a 9-year-old girl, these short videos provide a clear step by step instruction for students to complete the project. These kids friendly videos can be used in flipped learning before CoolThink lessons and after school practice at home.

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How to code and test App Inventor on one iOS device?

The 3 minutes video shows you how to use a single iOS device (iPad) to program an app and then test it using the App Inventor companion app.

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Parent education workshop

CoolThink@JC Parent Portal – PE workshop schedule and registration platform, also includes self-direct learning video clips and project showcase.

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