The Education Bureau has published the latest “The Computational Thinking ─ Coding Education: Supplement to the Primary Curriculum”. It is recommended schools to adopt the document in the curriculum planning and implement coding education systemically to cultivate students’ computational thinking.

“Computational thinking and coding is an approach to solving problems which can be used in different key stages and in a variety of disciplines. ”
”Schools can provide daily-life experiences at different key stages to expose students on learning the related concepts, so as to inspire students’ learning of computational thinking and coding education at a later stage.”


CoolThink@JC will co-organise professional development programmes with the Education Bureau for primary school teachers in the 2020/21 school year, sharing the project’s pedagogy and education resources.

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Grounded in computer science principles, computational thinking empowers students to move beyond mere technology consumption and into problem-solving, creation and innovation.

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