Mr. Leung Siu Tong

Honorary Chairman
Hong Kong Aided Primary School Heads Association

After graduation from the Grantham College of Education in 1976, Mr. Leung Siu Tong got B. Ed degree in CUHK and M. Ed degree(Administration and Management ) in HKU. He taught in both primary schools and secondary schools for several years. He had actively participated in the educational sector and had written a book known as "Overview on Basic Education"

Besides, he had played an important role in many community services, and so he had been appointed as a District Councillor( Islands) in 2004 and reappointed in 2008. At the same year, he got the CE certificate and then got the MedaI of Honour in 2013 as a recognition for his community services.

Furthermore, Mr. Leung led the principals, teachers and students to many cities in China for sharing experience and organised Principals' Forums several times. He was the founder of G.T.School and the HKFEW wong Cho Bau School respectively. He was a tutor in many universities in Hong Kong as well. He had quite a variety of interest such as youth problem, edudrama, curriculum development, management system, creativity in education and environmental protection issues. He has been a supervisor in Yichang International School in Hubei since 2015.